Architectural 3D Visualization

Architectural visualisation is the term used when a visual is created to portray a pre-existing building so your clients can see what their future building will look like. We can create a visual of any type of structure whether it be a house, shopping centre, office block, hospital, apartment complex and any other type of building structure you can think of.

Walkthrough Animation

Walkthrough Animation is a marketing tool use to represent a property in a video. It is also referred as “Flythrough” as you are like walking inside the property. High-quality 3D animations are classified based from the number of frames per second and of course the render quality. For your information, 3D animation is a compilation of 3D still images played simultaneously in order to produce a video.

3D Floor Plan

3D floor plans are a great way to make your boring CAD drawings come alive. 3D floor plans are a great new method to set your architectural drawings apart from the rest. Black and white 2D drawings often have boring text information that hinders the aesthetics of the house plan, 3D plans do not have any of this unnecessary information. It works great with brochures and helping clients who have a hard time visualizing from conventional floor plans.

2D Floor Plan

We also provide 2D floor plans to make a clear understanding of your property to your clients. Clear uncluttered 2D floor plans are great for putting in brochures and marketing your properties to your clients without having to show them a working drawing or sketch.

Photo Montage 3D Rendering

A photomontage rendering is a type of 3D render where we use a real photo of the existing site for the surroundings. We then merge this photo and the realistic model of the building to make a more lifelike image. This type of rendering technique requires advanced photo shop skills.

360 VR Render

Virtual Reality gives you the freedom to look around in the designed building, and experience the space regardless of your location. Along with technological improvements, we are continuously developing our static VR service to make it more realistic and easy to use.